Join Katy Tynan at InteropITX

I had a fantastic time speaking at Interop last year on their 30th anniversary. This year the program looks better than ever! I’ll be leading a workshop on IT careers,… Read More →

The Culture Gap: How Owners and Employees Think Differently About Work

Work is a funny thing. We spend lots of time doing it, yet collectively we’re pretty unhappy with our jobs. Many of us had big dreams as kids, but unfortunately… Read More →

Solving the Employee Engagement Puzzle

Take a minute and remember the very best day you’ve had recently at work. What did it feel like? For most people, it was a day when you felt engaged… Read More →

An Open Letter to My Millennial Friends

A friend of mine shared this article today: I’m a Millennial and My Generation Sucks The first time I saw a piece like this, I thought it was a satire…. Read More →

Life / Work Balance

You Can’t Do Everything

I have a confession to make. I like to think I can do anything. When I’m coaching, I routinely tell my clients that they can do anything they choose to…. Read More →

Becoming a Speaker

Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with the very smart and talented Angela Lussier on her Claim the Stage Podcast to talk about being a speaker. Listen… Read More →

It’s Time to Start Using Collaboration Tools Efficiently

Looking for ways to help your team use collaboration tools wisely? You and your team’s time is precious and getting notifications all day can be distracting. Katy Tynan, a leading expert in the evolution of work provides key tips on how to preventing technology from becoming a nuisance at work.

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5 Questions to Ask on Your First Day Managing a New Team

The first day as a manager can be tough. Prepare for a productive first day by asking these five questions recommended by Katy Tynan, Managing Director of CoreAxis Consulting.

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