The New World of Work

I was recently profiled as part of an expert interview series by John Mattone. We talked about how work is evolving, and how smart companies are approaching these changes by… Read More →

Becoming a Speaker

Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with the very smart and talented Angela Lussier on her Claim the Stage Podcast to talk about being a speaker. Listen… Read More →

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New Friends with Great Shows

For the last few weeks I’ve been (virtually) off on a blog and podcast tour to promote the book (ICYMI, it’s here). I’ve met some really great, smart people who… Read More →

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What Every Man Must Do at 9AM

Cheer up—your lousy Monday morning isn’t as bad as you think. People’s moods actually vary very little from Monday to Thursday, says a new study in the Journal of Positive… Read More →

World's Best Boss

How to Deal When You’re Promoted Above Your Peers

When a promotion kicks you out of the coffee klatch, you’ll need to keep your former peers from becoming your future critics. Right after you celebrate that well-earned promotion, reality… Read More →

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How to Survive Your First Week in a New Job

You’ve bagged the job of your dreams, so the hard part’s over, right? Wrong, now you’re a bundle of nerves. Fear not, because we have the answers to all the… Read More →

How Results-Focused Management Empowers Remote Teams

In 2003, Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, Best Buy human resources managers, were tasked with creating a more productive work environment for headquarter employees. They initially explored the idea of… Read More →

Tips for How to Get a Promotion

Earn That Promotion! 30 Tips to Help You Move Ahead in the Workplace

Day 1 ~ The Challenge: Ask for an Office Having your own space isn’t just a reward — it also lowers your stress and boosts your creativity. Why It’ll Work:… Read More →