The New World of Work Needs a New Type of Manager

Managers have a terrible reputation. In a recent survey, found that nearly half of employees rated their boss as “horrible,” and more than 50 percent rated their boss a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Gallup’s State of the Am…

Surviving Organizational Change

Tips for Surviving the Rapidly Changing Workplace

As part of the Revenue Act of 1978, the United States Congress passed a little known provision designed to limit the perks of highly paid executives. That legislative footnote unexpectedly… Read More →

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What Every Man Must Do at 9AM

Cheer up—your lousy Monday morning isn’t as bad as you think. People’s moods actually vary very little from Monday to Thursday, says a new study in the Journal of Positive… Read More →

World's Best Boss

How to Deal When You’re Promoted Above Your Peers

When a promotion kicks you out of the coffee klatch, you’ll need to keep your former peers from becoming your future critics. Right after you celebrate that well-earned promotion, reality… Read More →

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How to Survive Your First Week in a New Job

You’ve bagged the job of your dreams, so the hard part’s over, right? Wrong, now you’re a bundle of nerves. Fear not, because we have the answers to all the… Read More →

How Results-Focused Management Empowers Remote Teams

In 2003, Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, Best Buy human resources managers, were tasked with creating a more productive work environment for headquarter employees. They initially explored the idea of… Read More →