Finding Your Superpower

This week I had a chance to chat with Michael Boezi on his awesome Marketing Without The Marketing Podcast. Some things we covered:

  • Some background on how the world of work changing—and how it affects you.
  • Why is this a great time to start your own small business—or do the “solo thing.”
  • How you can’t manage your time, but can manage your priorities instead.
  • Trends in the “change in alignment” between individuals and employers.
  • How the structure of your role is not nearly as important as your mindset.
  • The biggest reasons that people struggle with the transition from employee to indie biz.
  • How your social posts create a “portfolio” that showcase your idea and what you care about.
  • Why you should NOT follow your passion, but find your superpower instead.
  • How personal branding is not just for entrepreneurs. Traditional employees can benefit too.

Listen to the full episode right here.


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