Future of Work Episode 3 – Randy Corke

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open up a store in your town? A restaurant or a hat shop or maybe a toy store? For millions of people, this is their dream. But running that business successfully is incredibly hard. You have to be an expert in food or hats or toys. You have to love people and want to spend your day making your space attractive and welcoming. You have to understand finances and marketing and all kinds of other things. And you have to compete with businesses like Walmart and Amazon. The internet was supposed to signal the end of the small business. But surprisingly (or maybe not), people still feel connected to their local stores. They still want to shop in their towns and communities. They still can’t get everything they need from behind a computer screen.

Last week I got to talk to Randy Corke, founder of NowLocal, all about why he’s crazy enough to start a business that exists to support small, brick-and-mortar local businesses. We talked about why community matters, why small businesses are important, and most importantly, how his idea helps people and businesses connect. What do you think?

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