How I Stopped My Smartphone From Ruining My Life

How I Stopped My Smartphone from Ruining My Life

The big news at the recent Apple product announcement was the unveiling of the long awaited Apple Watch. We all knew it was coming, and as usual millions of people will head out to plunk their money down on the latest piece of technology to issue forth from the inspired minds in Cupertino.

I can’t help but cringe as each new productivity tool is launched. One more blinking, vibrating screen begging for my attention. One more $500 device I am told will make my life better, help me manage my time, help me get more done.

The problem is not getting more done, or saving us time. The problem is getting the right things done and giving us time for the things that matter. As sleek and beautiful as this new device is, I do not believe it will solve this problem any more than the other devices that have promised to help us better manage time.

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