Indieworking Podcast Episode 3 – Alison Rabschnuk

Alison Rabschnuk, Affiliate Resource Group

Alison Rabschnuk, Affiliate Resource Group

Hey guys – really excited to share this podcast! I had a chance to talk to Alison Rabschnuk of Affiliate Resource Group. Alison is an expert in ad networks and affiliate programs, both of which are important tools if you’re running a web-based business. I’ve always heard that you can make good money with affiliate programs, but never really understood how they work. So if you’re like me and want to know more, have a listen! Plus Alison shared her process of transitioning to working independently, and how she became the expert in an industry that didn’t even exist 15 years ago!

Quick note on the audio – something strange happened in the encoding process so the intro music is loud and then you have to turn your volume way up to hear the rest. I’ll fix and re-post, but wanted you to have a chance to hear what Alison had to say while you wait!

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