The Work Life Blend: How to Balance Work and Life When You Work For Yourself

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Technology has blurred the lines between work and home. It’s the tool that allows professionals to make the shift from being tied to an office to having the freedom to work from anywhere. But with this freedom comes the challenge of balance—if you can always access your work, how do you unwind? How do you get away from the office when the office is wherever you are?

This is a challenge that is particularly tough for independent actuaries, not only because they can work from their homes, but also because for most of us, our business is highly dependent on our own efforts. If we stop looking for new business, and if we stop doing work, even for a small period of time, the revenue stops flowing and the business grinds to a halt.

When you first get your independent practice off the ground, it’s a constant struggle to get clients. As your business grows and becomes more successful, you may find that business comes to you through referrals, even when you are not out looking for it every day. In the course of the ebb and flow of work, you’ll have busy times and less busy times. The trick to balancing your work and your life comes down to five essential habits.

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