Time or Money: The Freelancer’s Dilemma

Time or Money - Freelancer's DilemmaIt’s midnight, it’s raining, and I’m banging my head on my desk. I’ve been staring at PowerPoint, fiddling with colors, and trolling stock photo sites for hours. Worse, I just looked back at the first draft of this marketing piece I’ve been working on, and I swear it looks better than my current version. I’ve spent more than 14 hours today working on this one piece of collateral – an amount of time that would convert to nearly $3000 at my standard consulting rate – and it doesn’t change the fact that this piece still sucks. I know this is not a good use of time. The problem is that time is all I have right now; time, and not money. If I had the spare cash, I could hire someone to do this faster, better, and more efficiently.

As a free agent I almost always have time or money, but rarely both.

The problem is, I’m trying to create this marketing piece for myself to grow my own business. If this were a client project on a client’s budget, I would have asked an intern to do it and it would probably take him no more than a couple hours. If I asked that same intern to do what I do, to present a technology strategy analysis to the board, he would not know where to begin, yet here I sit, fully qualified to do the latter and totally incompetent at what I’m working on now.

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