Finding Your Superpower

This week I had a chance to chat with Michael Boezi on his awesome Marketing Without The Marketing Podcast. Some things we covered: Some background on how the world of… Read More →

Do you have a manager's mindset?

Do You Have a Manager’s Mindset?

Making the switch from individual contributor to team leader and manager is a challenge, and for many it’s one that takes a few tries to succeed. More than half of… Read More →

Freelancers: How to get new clients

Getting Your First Client: The Journey to Becoming a Free Agent

As a group, freelancers tend to be experienced professionals. More than half are over the age of 35 and the largest cohort (more than 45 percent) are over the age… Read More →

Time or Money - Freelancer's Dilemma

Time or Money: The Freelancer’s Dilemma

It’s midnight, it’s raining, and I’m banging my head on my desk. I’ve been staring at PowerPoint, fiddling with colors, and trolling stock photo sites for hours. Worse, I just… Read More →

Amanda Palmer TED presentation

The Art of Asking

Beautiful talk by Amanda Palmer about work, about life, and about her relationship with her audience. This is one of my favorite talks of all time – if you need… Read More →

Don't Call Me a Freelancer!

Please Don’t Call Me A Freelancer

Note: New Worker Magazine recently published this article I wrote on labels and why “freelancer” doesn’t work for everyone… A few weeks ago at a holiday get-together I was catching up… Read More →